Effortless Safety Compliance Reporting

Monitor, manage, and report safety compliance with ease using Appello's robust reporting features, ensuring a safer and more compliant workplace.

Comprehensive Safety Compliance Reporting

Appello’s Safety Compliance Reporting feature empowers health and safety representatives, managers, and other stakeholders to quickly generate and analyze essential safety compliance reports. This tool minimizes administrative burden and helps ensure that all safety protocols are met, keeping your workplace safe and compliant.

Drag and Drop Builder

A powerful, intuitive tool designed to revolutionize the way you create, manage, and deploy safety and inspection forms.

Built for the Field Worker

Designed for field workers, Appello's safety forms are easy to fill out, sign, and submit, streamlining the compliance process to be just a tap away.

Centralized Form Inbox

Appello's Form Inbox centralizes all submitted safety and inspection forms, providing a single, streamlined place to manage all of the "paperwork"

Photo and Signature Capture

Enhance your safety forms with photo uploads for visual evidence and digital signatures for verification, all from any device.

Client Portal & Sharable Links

Appello make's it easier than ever to send safety forms to those who need the information. Have a client that wants access? No problem, we have a portal for that.

Analytics and Reporting

Generate detailed reports on safety performance, inspection outcomes, and compliance rates to identify trends and areas for improvement.

Elevating Workplace Safety and Compliance

Operational Efficiency
Reduce administrative workload with automated tracking and reporting, allowing staff to focus on core tasks rather than paperwork.
Reduced Administrative Burden
Reduce administrative workload with automated tracking and reporting, allowing staff to focus on core tasks rather than paperwork.
Enhanced Compliance Assurance
Stay ahead of compliance with automated tracking and real-time visibility into your safety program.
Increased Efficiency
Save time with streamlined form completion and submission processes, allowing your team to focus on their core tasks.

Transforming Compliance: A Testimonial on Efficiency and Ease

Since integrating Appello's safety forms into our daily operations, the difference has been night and day. The centralized form inbox has not only simplified our workflow but also significantly reduced the time we spend on compliance management. Our field workers appreciate the ease with which they can fill out, sign, and submit forms, making compliance a seamless part of their day. With real-time updates, we're always informed, and managing safety compliance has never been smoother. Appello has truly revolutionized how we approach workplace safety.

Matt Vanos, President - Vanos Insulations

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