Streamline Workforce & Project Management

Simplify project planning, workforce scheduling, and action item management with Appello's integrated solution.
Efficient Project Planning: Seamlessly organize projects, allocate resources, and monitor progress for timely completion.
Smart Workforce Scheduling: Easily assign tasks, track availability, and coordinate teams for optimized productivity.
Action Item Control: Prioritize and manage tasks, ensuring timely execution and effective collaboration across teams.

Consolidated Finance & Administration Management

Effortlessly manage timesheets, expenses, and job costing with Appello's integrated financial platform.
Timesheets & Leave Management: Streamline submission, review, and approval processes for efficient workforce management.
Quick Expense Management: Enable easy expense submission through the mobile app for accelerated payroll calculations.
Accurate Job Costing: Assign expenses to jobs for detailed profitability analyses and financial insights.

Health & Safety Compliance Made Easy

Simplify safety management with digitized forms, instant notifications, and streamlined field worker signatures and acknowledgements.
Digitized Forms & Processes: Replace paper-based forms with customizable digital versions, ensuring accurate and efficient data collection.
Real-Time Notifications: Stay informed of safety updates and incidents with instant alerts and streamlined communication.
Field Worker Signatures: Simplify field worker acknowledgements using mobile app signatures, enhancing accountability and compliance.

Simplified Equipment & Asset Management

Transform your equipment and asset management with Appello's powerful tracking, inspection, and budgeting functionalities.
Comprehensive Tracking: Easily monitor equipment and assets with a customizable, user-friendly platform, eliminating manual spreadsheets.
Inspections & Compliance: Streamline inspection processes and ensure adherence to regulations with built-in reporting and lifecycle management.
Efficient Budgeting: Optimize equipment spending and improve decision-making with Appello's integrated budgeting tools.

Simplify Safety Compliance

Struggling to keep up with endless safety certifications? Appello's Safety Certificate Tracking simplifies this critical task. Ensure every worker on-site is certified and compliant, effortlessly. Say goodbye to missed renewals and hello to seamless safety management.

Elevate Safety Management with Precision Tracking

Appello's Safety Certificate Tracking feature brings unparalleled ease to managing vital safety and training certifications. From forklift licenses to first-aid qualifications, track everything in one place. Set expiration alerts, view upcoming renewals, and ensure every field worker is job-site ready. This tool not only saves time but significantly reduces the risk of compliance breaches, making safety management a breeze.

Automated Expiry Notifications

Never miss a certification renewal with automated alerts. Ensure continuous compliance and safety on every project.

Centralized Record Keeping

All certifications are stored and managed centrally, offering quick access to any record, anytime, reducing paperwork and improving efficiency.

Mobile Access for Workers

Field workers can view, update, and upload their certifications directly from their mobile devices, keeping everyone informed and compliant.

Customizable Tracking

From annual renewals to never-expiring certificates, customize tracking and notifications to fit every type of certification requirement.

Training Provider Integration

Link certifications to specific training providers for easy rebooking and verification, streamlining the training process.

Real-Time Compliance Reporting

Generate reports on certification statuses, upcoming expiries, and compliance across workers nd projects for proactive management.

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Transform Safety Management

Risk Reduction: Minimize compliance risks with real-time certification tracking.
Operational Efficiency: Streamline processes, reducing administrative overhead.
Reputational Integrity: Maintain impeccable safety standards, protecting your brand.

Transforming Safety Standards: A Pathway to Flawless Compliance

Appello's Safety Certificate Tracking was a game-changer for us. It simplified what used to be a cumbersome process, ensuring every team member is up-to-date with their certifications. The automated alerts have prevented compliance issues, and the mobile access for our field workers has significantly enhanced our operational efficiency.

Matt Vanos, President - Vanos Insulations

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