Streamline Workforce & Project Management

Simplify project planning, workforce scheduling, and action item management with Appello's integrated solution.
Efficient Project Planning: Seamlessly organize projects, allocate resources, and monitor progress for timely completion.
Smart Workforce Scheduling: Easily assign tasks, track availability, and coordinate teams for optimized productivity.
Action Item Control: Prioritize and manage tasks, ensuring timely execution and effective collaboration across teams.

Consolidated Finance & Administration Management

Effortlessly manage timesheets, expenses, and job costing with Appello's integrated financial platform.
Timesheets & Leave Management: Streamline submission, review, and approval processes for efficient workforce management.
Quick Expense Management: Enable easy expense submission through the mobile app for accelerated payroll calculations.
Accurate Job Costing: Assign expenses to jobs for detailed profitability analyses and financial insights.

Health & Safety Compliance Made Easy

Simplify safety management with digitized forms, instant notifications, and streamlined field worker signatures and acknowledgements.
Digitized Forms & Processes: Replace paper-based forms with customizable digital versions, ensuring accurate and efficient data collection.
Real-Time Notifications: Stay informed of safety updates and incidents with instant alerts and streamlined communication.
Field Worker Signatures: Simplify field worker acknowledgements using mobile app signatures, enhancing accountability and compliance.

Simplified Equipment & Asset Management

Transform your equipment and asset management with Appello's powerful tracking, inspection, and budgeting functionalities.
Comprehensive Tracking: Easily monitor equipment and assets with a customizable, user-friendly platform, eliminating manual spreadsheets.
Inspections & Compliance: Streamline inspection processes and ensure adherence to regulations with built-in reporting and lifecycle management.
Efficient Budgeting: Optimize equipment spending and improve decision-making with Appello's integrated budgeting tools.
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Simplify Complex Scheduling: Unlock Efficiency with Appello

Experience unparalleled control and visibility over your job and workforce scheduling, tailored for the dynamic needs of the construction and contractor industry.

Simplifying Workforce Scheduling for

Juggling multiple jobs and managing a fluctuating workforce as a subcontractor or subtrade requires precision and efficiency. Appello's job scheduling functionality steps in as a game-changer, designed to streamline these exact challenges.

It transforms job delivery, ensures compliance effortlessly, and keeps your crew perfectly aligned, making complex scheduling a breeze for the modern subcontractor.

Job and Workforce Schedules

Organize and manage all your jobs and workers within an intuitive, accordion-like interface, allowing for detailed oversight of jobs, workers and their statuses.

Point-and-Click Interface

Utilize a user-friendly interface to easily schedule jobs or worker with a simple click and drag, akin to a Gantt chart experience, for efficient planning over weeks or months.

Advanced Filtering & Layouts

Tailor your scheduling view with filters for project leads, job statuses, or focus on specific projects, enhancing your ability to manage complex schedules.

Daily Insights and Compliance at a Glance

Gain daily insights into scheduled jobs, project leads, and worker assignments, with visual cues for compliance and certification status, supporting an agile workforce.

Matrix, Table & Cards Views

Visualize worker assignments across projects with color-coded classifications for trade or seniority, and instant certification status indicators to ensure compliance.

Individual Worker Schedules

View and plan individual worker schedules daily and weekly, ensuring optimal assignment and project coverage.

Optimize Your Workforce Scheduling

Unlock the full potential of your scheduling with features designed for maximum efficiency and compliance. Discover how Appello revolutionizes the scheduling process for subcontractors in the ICI sector:
Real-Time Project Insights: Gain instant visibility into job statuses and assignments, enhancing organizational transparency.
Compliance at a Glance: Easily spot certification or training gaps with clear visual cues, keeping your team compliant and ready.
Adaptive Scheduling: Adjust swiftly to job demands and workforce changes, ensuring seamless project progression with minimal delays.

Streamlining Subcontractor Scheduling: The Appello Advantage

“Adopting Appello streamlined our operations, perfectly balancing high-volume, short-term jobs with our long-term projects. It's built for subcontractors —  it's intuitive and it simplifies coordinating all of crews and field workers. We've boosted efficiency significantly; we spend less time texting, more time getting the job done right. It's the tool that keeps us ahead, no sweat.”

Matt Vanos, President - Vanos Insulations

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Emily York - Senior Frontend Developer